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Jonathan Godfrey

Guitarist | Composer |

behold, the Guitar Binder

if you are taking weekly jazz/blues/pop/beginning lessons, you must have one of these

solely dedicated to guitar lessons

(not for taking biology notes or writing down your favorite curry recipes)

Amazon page to three-ring binder

(doesn't have to be this one, but this one works)

-AND- it must contain the following items:

#1-5 must be three-hole punched.

(Amazon page to a three-hole punch)

#6. All loose-leaf scores to go over in lessons and any handouts given in lessons

(avoid using as curry napkins until after the semester is over)

#7. A pencil - every lesson. Always.

(as my soprano wife says, "No pencil, no career!")

Failing to prepare is preparing to fail.

-John Wooden